Welcome to GZ3Doom at rotatingpenguin.com!

GZ3Doom is a modification I made to the beautiful gzdoom game. I added several stereoscopic 3D modes, including one for the awesome Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.


April 12, 2015: Release of GZ3Doom version 1.8.6_l (download from github)

Summary of changes this release:
  • Position tracking works in DK2
  • Split hud and menus for side-by-side vr_modes 3 and 4
  • Correct position tracking for yaw in DK1 and DK2
  • Use Oculus SDK frame timing
  • Advance to Oculus SDK 0.4.4 from 0.3.2 (no more pausing the service...)
  • Enhancements to vr_mode wiki
  • Correct typo in GZ3Doom rift launching shortcuts


To use GZ3Doom in Oculus Rift mode:

  • Download GZ3Doom (below)
  • Launch GZ3Doom, preferably using one of the Rift launch shortcuts.
  • Set video mode to 1920x1080
  • Press "+" until no status bar remains.
  • Activate Oculus Rift mode by typing in the zdoom console:
    > vr_mode 8
  • See Tips section below, for more detailed suggestions.

To activate the zdoom console, press "~" (tilde).

Other 3D mode (vr_mode) options for vr_mode console command:

  • 0 Mono/Off/Normal
  • 1 Green-Magenta anaglyph
  • 2 Red-Cyan anaglyph
  • 3 Side-by-side
  • 4 Side-by-side narrow
  • 5 Left-eye view
  • 6 Right-eye view
  • 7 Quad-buffered (3D Vision)
  • 8 Oculus Rift
See more details at the vr_mode wiki


  • Turn off mouse menu selection for Rift mode - you will want to use the keyboard/controller buttons. (Options->Mouse Options->Enable Mouse in Menus->NO)
  • Turn off mouse look for Rift mode; the view will be slightly smoother. (Options->Mouse Options->Always Mouselook->OFF)
  • Magnify HUD items (including crosshair) by setting the following values in the console:
    • HUD_SCALE 1
  • If you dislike the high speed your character moves at, try typing "TURBO 65" in the console.
  • If the player bobbing motion makes you queasy, try typing "MOVEBOB 0" in the console.
  • To play other doom games, drag a wad file (along with pk3 files, if needed) onto the installed gz3doom.exe program


Download GZ3Doom installers for Windows and Mac from github.

Known Issues

Browse and/or contribute known GZ3Doom problems at github.

Source Code

Get the source code of my modifications to gzdoom on github.


GZ3Doom is based on gzdoom, and adds stereoscopic rendering, including Oculus Rift mode. Graf Zahl, the maintainer of GZDoom, recently moved the GZDoom source code to github, making it easier for me to add this feature to GZDoom. My contribution consists of a few days work. These other folks have spent decades enhancing Doom so that I would be able to do this.

gzdoom is in turn based on zdoom, and adds OpenGL rendering.

zdoom is based on Doom, the revolutionary computer game from the 1990s.

Torr Samaho helped to get GZ3Doom working with the Nvidia 3D vision system (on consumer-level video boards!).

Other improvements to GZ3Doom would not have been possible without the helpful feedback of many players, including Indecom, naitguolf, Lagahan/ShadowEater, Santimun, Hadstec, drash, LitteGuy, cool2000m, RandomGuy7, Zeberpal, skyrimguy, Nash, Trisk, and many others. Thanks everyone for the helpful feedback.

Skyjake and DaniJ, of the Doomsday project, helped create many other advances that I have back-ported into GZ3Doom.


Please send feedback to gz3doom@rotatingpenguin.com.