Welcome to GZ3Doom at rotatingpenguin.com!

GZ3Doom is a modification I made to the beautiful gzdoom game. I added several stereoscopic 3D modes, including one for the awesome Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.


June 19, 2014: Release of GZ3Doom version 1.8.6_h (download below)

Summary of changes this release:
  • First Mac version of GZ3Doom released
  • Aspect ratio now correct in both non-Rift and Rift modes (at the same time!)

June 1, 2014: Release of GZ3Doom version 1.8.6_g

May 31, 2014: Release of GZ3Doom version 1.8.6_e

May 14, 2014: Release of GZ3Doom version 1.8.6_d

May 11, 2014: Release of GZ3Doom version 1.8.6_c

May 10, 2014: Release of GZ3Doom version 1.8.6_b

November 9, 2013: The sixth release of GZ3Doom, version 1.8.2_f

November 4, 2013: The fifth release of GZ3Doom, version 1.8.2_e

October 30, 2013: The fourth release of GZ3Doom, version 1.8.2_d

October 26, 2013: The third release of GZ3Doom, version 1.8.2_c

October 19, 2013: The second release of GZ3Doom, version 1.8.2_b

October 14, 2013: The first release of GZ3Doom, version 1.8.2


To use GZ3Doom in Oculus Rift mode:

  • Download GZ3Doom (below)
  • Set video mode to 1920x1080 (preferred) or 1280x800 (the native resolution of the Oculus Rift).
  • Press "+" until no status bar remains.
  • Activate Oculus Rift mode by typing in the zdoom console:
    > vr_mode 8
  • See Tips section below, for more detailed suggestions.

To activate the zdoom console, press "~" (tilde).

Other 3D mode (vr_mode) options for vr_mode console command:

  • 0 Mono/Off/Normal
  • 1 Green-Magenta anaglyph
  • 2 Red-Cyan anaglyph
  • 3 Side-by-side
  • 4 Side-by-side narrow
  • 5 Left-eye view
  • 6 Right-eye view
  • 7 Quad-buffered (3D Vision)
  • 8 Oculus Rift


  • Turn off mouse menu selection for Rift mode - you will want to use the keyboard/controller buttons. (Options->Mouse Options->Enable Mouse in Menus->NO)
  • Turn off mouse look for Rift mode; the view will be slightly smoother. (Options->Mouse Options->Always Mouselook->OFF)
  • Magnify HUD items (including crosshair) by setting the following values in the console:
    • HUD_SCALE 1
  • If you dislike the high speed your character moves at, try typing "TURBO 65" in the console.
  • If the player bobbing motion makes you queasy, try typing "MOVEBOB 0" in the console.
  • To play other doom games, drag a wad file (along with pk3 files, if needed) onto the installed gz3doom.exe program


Download GZ3Doom 1.8.6_h

Changes in version 1.8.6_h:

  • First Mac OSX version of GZ3Doom released
  • Aspect ratio now correct in both non-Rift and Rift modes (at the same time!)

OLD VERSION Download GZ3Doom 1.8.6_g Installer for Windows here. Changes in version 1.8.6_g:

  • Avoid camera problem when viewing Rift mode without a Rift attached.
  • Merge latest changes from gzdoom upstream

OLD VERSION Download GZ3Doom 1.8.6e Installer for Windows here. Changes in version 1.8.6e:

  • Apply late-scheduled head tracking, to reduce latency, to make menu viewing more comfortable, and to reduce annoyance of doom mods that force head position.
  • Elevate per-eye camera shift from OpenGL-only, up to renderer camera, to avoid missed textures in culling.
  • Reset pitch and roll when leaving rift mode, to avoid getting stuck with odd roll value.

OLD VERSION Download GZ3Doom 1.8.6d Installer for Windows here. Changes in version 1.8.6d:

  • Correct pixel aspect ratio to 1.2
  • Add vr_weapon_height console variable, to adjust weapon sprite position

OLD VERSION Download GZ3Doom 1.8.6c Installer for Windows here. Changes in version 1.8.6c:

  • Avoid calling drawUnhandledMissingTextures() until final pass.
  • Corrects hall-of-mirrors defect in Doom2 M2
  • Corrects missing doors in right-eye view in Doom E1M4

OLD VERSION Download GZ3Doom 1.8.6b Installer for Windows here. Changes in version 1.8.6b:

  • Correct hall-of-mirrors defects. (Thanks Trisk!) This is a dramatic improvement for Brutal Doom and many third-party levels.
  • Merge changes from recently released gzdoom version 1.8.6

OLD VERSION Download GZ3Doom 1.8.5a Installer for Windows here. Changes in version 1.8.5a:

  • Merge changes from recently released gzdoom version 1.8.5

OLD VERSION Download GZ3Doom 1.8.2f Installer for Windows here. Changes in version 1.8.2f:

  • Implement Nvidia 3D Vision mode (vr_mode 7, Thanks Torr Samaho!)
  • Avoid crash with Alien Colonial Marines wad
  • Fix compile problem when Oculus SDK not available

OLD VERSION Download GZ3Doom 1.8.2e Installer for Windows here. Changes in version 1.8.2e:

  • Fix aspect ratio for Oculus Rift dev model
  • Capturing images/movies with FRAPS works again
  • Right eye no longer gets double effect from radiation suit, pickups, and other "blend" operations

OLD VERSION Download GZ3Doom 1.8.2d Installer for Windows here. Changes in version 1.8.2d:

  • Fix terrible units bug in frustum shift breaking all non-Rift 3D modes.
  • Add Rift view angle prediction with hard-coded latency of 20 ms.

OLD VERSION: WARNING: Do not use this version; it has a serious bug in all non-Rift 3D modes. If you really want it anyway, download the GZ3Doom 1.8.2c Installer for Windows here. Changes in version 1.8.2c:

  • Correct crosshair placement at high pitch angles.
  • Correct placement of site-down-weapon weapon in Brutal Doom in Rift mode.
  • Screenshots in Rift mode work again.
  • Weapon is a bit larger than in version 1.8.2_b.
  • Weapon position is where it should be (for its size)
  • Setting vr_player_height cvar to your personal actual height in meters should make your feet just reach the ground.
  • Setting vr_view_yoffset to a value like 5 (map units) makes you taller so you're not so much shorter than the monsters.

OLD VERSION: Download GZ3Doom 1.8.2b Installer for Windows here. Changes in version 1.8.2b:

  • Less distracting weapon position in Rift mode
  • Menus and screens transformed for Rift mode (man that was tricky...)
  • CVARS st3d_<whatever> renamed to vr_<whatever>
  • Rift mode crosshair placement improved
  • Elevate head position somewhat (though I did it the wrong way...)
  • vr_ipd (interpupillary distance) is read from Rift SDK, if available

OLD VERSION: Download GZ3Doom 1.8.2 Installer for Windows (original version) here. [Use "st3d_mode 8" to activate Rift mode when using this version]

Known Issues

  • The console is unreadable in Rift mode. This makes it difficult to get back out of Rift mode
  • Even the menus can be hard to read in Rift mode, especially at lower resolutions
  • Screen wipe effects are glitchy in Rift mode on some computers

Source Code

Get the source code of my modifications to gzdoom on github.


GZ3Doom is based on gzdoom, and adds stereoscopic rendering, including Oculus Rift mode. Graf Zahl, the maintainer of GZDoom, recently moved the GZDoom source code to github, making it easier for me to add this feature to GZDoom. My contribution consists of a few days work. These other folks have spent decades enhancing Doom so that I would be able to do this.

gzdoom is in turn based on zdoom, and adds OpenGL rendering.

zdoom is based on Doom, the revolutionary computer game from the 1990s.

Torr Samaho helped to get GZ3Doom working with the Nvidia 3D vision system (on consumer-level video boards!).

Other improvements to GZ3Doom would not have been possible without the helpful feedback of many players, including Indecom, naitguolf, Lagahan/ShadowEater, Santimun, Hadstec, drash, LitteGuy, cool2000m, RandomGuy7, Zeberpal, skyrimguy, Nash, Trisk, and many others. Thanks everyone for the helpful feedback.

Skyjake and DaniJ, of the Doomsday project, helped create many other advances that I have back-ported into GZ3Doom.


Please send feedback to gz3doom@rotatingpenguin.com.