Comparison of Linux DVD players

Mplayer vs. Ogle vs. Xine vs. VLC

by Christopher Bruns, January 2003

Because my computer costs 20 times as much as a commercial DVD player, I wanted to see if I could extract the same functionality from it that I would expect from a consumer electronics device.

Features are ordered by approximate decreasing importance to me

Desired Features MPlayer v. 0.90rc4 Ogle v. 0.8.5 Xine v. 1beta12 VLC v. 0.5.1
Plays encrypted DVDs Y Y Y Y
Full Screen Display Y Y Y Y
Remote control support Y Y Y Y
Pause Y Y Y Y
Skip forward/back Y by chapter only Y ?
Fast Forward/Reverse N forward only forward only forward only
Slow motion N Y Y Y
DVD Menu browsing N Y Y Y
Bookmarking ? ? ? ?
AC3 5.1 channel digital audio output Y ? Y Y
DTS 5.1 channel digital audio output ? ? ? ?
Anamorphic widescreen display Y N Y ?
Can start up in full screen mode Y N Y Y
My system set up is as follows:

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